Twin Pack Pillows

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Micro-fibre Casing-Long lasting Soft Pillow, Manufactured by Relax Collection(Market Leader For over 10 years)

Relax Collection is a market leader in supplying finest Quality duvets, Pillows and other bed linen manufacturers, with 15 years of experience in South Africa

Vip Service- Standard, King, Continental, Euro sizes readily available for pillows, Single, Three Quarter, Double, King, Super King and extra super king readily available for duvets, as well as custom shapes and sizes available upon request.

Filling - Carding is a mechanical process that separates, cleans and intermixes fibres to produce a continuous web or sliver suitable for subsequent processing. This is achieved by passing the fibres between differentially moving surfaces covered with card clothing.

Deluxe Softness & Comfort- Luxurious 100% Polyester cover allowing for ultra-softness, breathable material, plush and silk touch providing a silent and super cozy night’s sleep.

Fluffy & All Year Round- The Pillow, covered with Polyester and is filled with the finest quality of Carded Fibre. Along with its incomparable fluffiness,

Light as Light-weight can get- Premium Carded Fiber filling, high fill power, with piping and double stitching for a long-lasting Pillow, all combine to allow for incomparable lightness, softness, and cosines creating the ultimate level of comfort.

100% Natural & Healthy- The Pillow insert is purified and sterilized using an eco-friendly treatment. Furthermore, we guarantee the use of pure, natural, high cleanliness, odorless, anti-allergy, and environment-friendly materials.

Quality Control-100% replacement guarantee offered for any duvets with manufacturing defects, allowing for you to buy with the utmost confidence direct from the manufacturers.

The size of this Pillow is Standard (45 x 70)
The size of this Pillow is King (50 x 90)
The size of this Pillow is Continental (80 x 80)
The size of this Pillow is Deco (35 x 35)

What's in the box
2 x Carded Fibre Pillows