choosing the right filling

You can make your bedroom a 5-star hotel suite comfort and look by trusting your bedding with the right brand.

The type of Duvet or Pillow you choose and whether you use toppers or mattress protectors can all make a difference to the quality of your sleep.

For couples who like varying levels of warmth in bed, consider custom duvets, made to order at our Factory . No sacrifice is needed, each side of the duvet can be given a different tog rating. Contact us for more information

We offer duvets from 7 up-to 15 tog-rated duvets that can be used all year round for the relaxing comfort.



We offer a range of fillings; from synthetic down/microfibre, to feather and down. All of our natural bedding comes with careful treatments and imported quality fabrics that protect against dust mite allergens, while especially engineered fibre for Relax Collection feels just like natural down.
Do you:

Prefer the feel of genuine feather and down?

Require a duvet that will let your skin breathe?

Need a quality duvet that will last and look luxurious?

Then choose a natural Feather/down duvet because:

Duvets with more down content are traditionally lightweight but provides satisfying warmth.

Choose a duvet with more feather content if you prefer your duvet to feel heavy.

Synthetic down

Synthetic down duvets are made from microfibre or hollowfibre polyester material which allows for a soft, silky, warm and lightweight feel. Both microfibre and hollowfibre are machine washable, making them long lasting and very easy to care for.

Do you:

Need a duvet that is easy to care of?

Suffer with allergies?

Are looking for a good alternative to other fillings?

Then you should consider a Relax Collection synthetic down duvet as:

These duvets give you the same warmth as a natural-Down.

They’re made with non-allergenic fillings.

They dry up more rapidly than a natural down/feather duvet.